Want to have fun with your family or kids and like to explore? I am a stay at home mom who likes to enjoy time with my two boys. Sometime here in Seattle we find it easy to feel like the walls are falling in on us! After looking on the internet for a great website of fun things to do with the family & kids I came up short of what I was looking for. I pitched the idea to a few friends about coming up with a blog for those moms like me, who want to get out and do something but don't know what is going on in the northwest or don't know where to go. My friends loved the idea and were ready to share some of the fabulous places they have gone with their kids. As I have been working on putting this together, I was amazed to find how much more I have been getting out with the family and loving the discovery of new things in our own backyard of the Pacific Northwest. I am excited to see where this blog will take us. Please enjoy the ride with us by taking note and sharing our experience with others. If you have any of those great places you would like to share with us or feel like they should be on our list of things to do with kids please contact us and let us know. Feedback is great! Thanks for your interest in the site and hope you find it helpful and handy to use!